Miscellaneous Articles

Enescu Festival: the story of the 60 years

A brief essay on the history of Enescu Festival

CRM Is not a German Opera Aria

CRM concept explained through art

Show Me the Money (II): Romania and the Money Squandered in Culture

The economics of Romanian National Operas

Sunset’s lullabies

Some memories regarding Richard Strauss Vier lezte lieder and David Lynch’s Wild at Heart in the wait of the upcoming concert of Anja Harteros from Enescu Festival 2015

Ninety Years After – Carlo Bergonzi (1924-2014)

Epitaph for tenor Carlo Bergonzy

The Romanian National Opera: What’s really wrong?

An analysis of the current situation of The National Opera Bucharest in 2013

Callas 90

An essay on Maria Callas at her 90 years celebration

Dream and Nightmare – Un’uccisione simulata

A true opera story with a sweet-bitter happy end about the influence of the communism on artists careers. Case study: the tenor Vasile Moldoveanu

iPad for melo-maniacs (EN)

A guide for apps, magazines and books about classical music and opera for iPad owners